5th International Symposium-Workshop on Frugivores and Seed Dispersal (1985-2010)

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Gabon bans harvest of four animal-dispersed timber species

Mongabay.com reports that Gabon has banned the harvest of four valuable hardwoods according to the International Tropical Timber Organization's Tropical Timber Market Report for Jan 1-15. Afo, douka, moabi, and ozigo . The species names of tree no longer permitted to be harvested are : Poga oleosa (afo), Tieghemella africana (douka), Baillonella toxisperma (moabi) and Dacryodes buettneri (ozigo). Producers will have to dispose of all stocks of these species by April 1, 2009. Given that all these species are also a source of Non-tTmber Forest Products, the decision of the Government of Gabon is a step toward the protection of other species ; it's an example for other countries throughout the tropics.  Photo: (c) Odile Poncy, 2007. Moabi at Korup National Park, Cameroun.